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A Fire Caused By a Faulty Cooking Appliance Left Me Dealing With Fire Damage in North Kingston. Where Do I Seek Help?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen When we are done, the fire damage can seem, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO Restorers in North Kingston to Help You With The Fire Damage Restoration Process

When a house fire occurs, homeowners are often left stranded about what to do. The soot and smoke residues spread extensively even to unaffected areas of your North Kingston home. If ignored for an extended period, the residues can begin to discolor surfaces, and odors may continue to become more potent.

Can smoke residues get into my HVAC system?
Fire damage in your North Kingston property can spread even to areas you cannot expect. During the fire incident, your HVAC system may collect and retain moisture, smoke, and gaseous emissions, among other contaminants. This can happen even when your HVAC system is not operating. It can affect the air quality of your property and the operations of the HVAC system.

At SERVPRO, we have certified indoor air professionals who have decades of experience and access to advanced duct cleaning systems equipped with the necessary tools to inspect your HVAC system. The duct-cleaning package includes a strong vacuum and an efficient filtering system. The vacuum pulls contaminants and soils into the filtering system that prevents residues and bacteria from being reintroduced into the indoor environment.

What damage can smoke residues cause?
Even after containing a small fire in your property, some surfaces can suffer staining and discoloration. If the situation is ignored for more than 48 hours, the ash and soot produced by the fire can discolor surfaces such as:

    •    Ceilings
    •    Vinyl
    •    Wood
    •    Walls

Besides, soot can also etch and corrode materials such as metal and glass. The corrosion can affect your home’s structural integrity. Hiring SERVPRO’s professional restorers within 48 hours can reduce the chances of permanent smoke damage occurring.

How can you remove the smoke odor?
Smoke lingers in confined surfaces like furniture, clothes, and upholstery. No matter the size of a fire in your property, the odor can be intense and last for an extended period. Without the right cleaning techniques and deodorization, the smell can infect your valuable items and the structure. That can make it difficult for you and your family to live in the property. If you intend to sell your property in the future, the odor can reduce its value.

Since the fire started in the kitchen, our professionals can use an enzyme digester, which works effectively on protein materials to eliminate the smell. The product breaks down protein molecules into simple, soluble substances that bacteria can absorb. We can also run air scrubbers to improve the air quality in your home.

To prevent additional destruction in your property after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145. When we are done, the fire damage can seem, “Like it never even happened.”

When Should I Remove Mold-Infested Building Materials From Your South Kingstown Home?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling If you discover mold in your property, it is essential to begin the remediation procedure as quickly as possible.

Mold Infestations May Require the Removal of Infested Building Materials Once Other Options are Exhausted. SERVPRO of South Kingstown Can Help to Assess and Remediate Mold Damage in your South Kingstown Property.

Is drywall ruined once mold appears?
For many South Kingstown residents, the appearance of microbes and their odors can cause wholesale replacement of building materials in the home. At SERVPRO, we know that wholesale replacement is not always necessary and should be reserved as a last resort. Typically, porous materials are at most risk of a mold infestation as hyphae can bond deep below the surface level. However, in some cases, molds may not penetrate the entirety of a porous material. It can be time-efficient to scrape the surface layers of mold away from the surface, followed by the application of anti-microbial chemicals for denser surfaces and lightly soiled drywalls. When materials so signs of heavy infestation, SERVPRO remediators can remove the affected area and install clean, replacement materials.

How do you restore indoor air-quality after a mold issue?
Homeowners with mold damage in their South Kingstown property may find the air thick or odorous due to the infestation. Removing colonies and infested building materials can mitigate further spores being released into the environment but may not be effective at restoring indoor air quality. Air scrubbers can help remove these particles from your indoor environment, while negative air-pressure machines can keep them from spreading to unaffected areas. Surfaces that are scraped to eliminate mold colonies can often be repainted using an odor and microbial sealing primer to provide a fresh, clean surface for further redecoration.

What causes mold growth in a property?
- Slow leaks or other damp spots that may occur in walls
- Poor insulation which can lead to condensation spots in cavities
- High levels of humidity alongside warm temperature

If you discover mold in your property, it is essential to begin the remediation procedure as quickly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145.

Do External Factors Interfere with The Restoration of a Flooded Home?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

heavy rain hitting roof; blurred trees in background Unfortunately, storms often cause flooding. Should your home flood, call SERVPRO for fast remediation.

SERVPRO's Years of Experience Restoring Flood Damage Within Newport Area Gives Us Unique Insights in Handling All Issues  

When your home is inundated with filthy floodwaters, your focus is on removing the water, cleaning the affected areas, and restoring any damaged materials. Therefore, you might consider any action that seems to help you achieve these goals as beneficial. However, some external factors might change the trajectory you have planned for the restoration process. An experienced team of technicians from SERVPRO can help you understand or even anticipate some of the issues, thus running a smooth restoration exercise at your Newport home.  

Which external factors can interfere with flood damage restoration at my Newport home?   

You may expect the decision, whether it is to renovate the house or choose other extreme alternatives such as demolition, to be clear cut once you establish the extent of damages caused by the Newport flooding incident. Issues such as saturation of materials with moisture and soiling of surfaces are easy to address, especially with help from an experienced team like SERVPRO. However, an incident can also involve severe problems such as:  

  • Cracked or collapsed walls due to hydrostatic pressure 
  • Deep contamination of porous and semi-porous materials 
  • Foundation or basement wall cracks  

In case of such issues, renovating the property or the affected section is usually not feasible because of the expenses involved. In some cases, the problems are irresolvable. Sometimes the decision is influenced by external factors such as:  

  • Conditions set by your insurer 
  • Legal implications that demand the house to be torn down 
  • The need for demolition and hazardous material disposal permits  

Regardless of the outcome of a flooding incident, local regulations might require you to comply with requirements such as filling in the basement or raising the house to give it higher ground clearance. Our SERVPRO technicians provide such information before starting any restoration processes to choose an approach that complies with the regulations from the outset.  

Why are demolition permits necessary?  

Flooding incidents in Newark might necessitate complete or partial demolition of sections of the property. Since demolition involves tearing down various materials, it can release harmful substances such as asbestos or chemicals such as lead and mercury. Permits are issued to ensure only qualified people handle the dangerous materials, and that the proper disposal methods are used after removing the contents from your property.  

With help from our SERVPRO technicians, getting the necessary permits is easier since we have the skills required for handling hazardous materials. We are also conversant with regulations governing disposal processes, including finding designated dumping sites for dangerous materials rather than sending them to regular landfills.   

What conditions are insurers likely to set if my home floods?  

  • Site protection 
  • Salvaging materials to save cost  

If you have an insurance cover that caters for flooding incidents, you do not have to worry much about the cost implications loss. However, your insurer may require you to adhere to specific regulations for faster processing of your claim. One essential thing insurance companies mandate is the protection of affected property to halt further deterioration. Deterioration can be caused by:  

  • Rodents and other small animals 
  • Weather elements such as rain 
  • Acts of vandalism  

Our SERVPRO technicians can help protect your damaged property by installing roof tarps and boarding up wall openings. We use sophisticated approaches to ensure sufficient protection. For instance, we use durable tarps when securing roof openings to provide adequate protection should the renovation process takes months to complete. When boarding up the walls, we use materials that create substantial barriers. For example, instead of merely attaching plywood boards on walls to seal openings, we can use the bolt-with-tension approach whereby we bolt the plywood to two-by-four planks so that it is held in place through tension. Since the plywood overlaps the exterior part of the wall, while the planks overlap the interior wall, the solution provides sufficient security without physical damage.  

What materials can be salvaged after flooding?  

Moisture accumulation, which is the main issue during flooding, affects a wide range of materials on the floors, siding, and other sections of the house. Most of the damage occurs on the floor, especially on porous floor covers such as carpets and pad, so there is heavy contamination and accumulating of significant moisture levels within their structure. On the other hand, wall materials such as the wooden frames, doors, and window trims and fittings such as cabinets might accrue fewer damages, and thus it is possible to save them.   

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can help you deal with any flooding incident, "Like it never even happened." Call us any time at (401) 847-8145.

How Do I Clean Up After a Fire in My Bedroom?

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

Heavy smoke filling room from under door Smoke from even small fires can permeate all areas of your home and often requires professional remediation.

To Completely Eliminate Fire Damage and Odors in Your Kingston Home, Call SERVPRO for Fast Action 

Returning your bedroom to normal after a fire is a priority. It is smart to outsource the task to a professional restoration service as most property owners do not keep the needed equipment on hand for this type of cleanup. After even a small fire in your bedroom, you can have a host of issues to deal with, including:  

  • Pungent smoke odors in carpet and fabrics
  • The need for smoke damage removal off walls or ceilings
  • Extraction and drying of water
  • Removal of ruined furnishings or building materials 

How Do I Get Rid of Smoke and Fire Damage to Clothing?  

In your Kingston bedroom, fire damage has a lot of areas to affect. SERVPRO techs get to work extracting the water or extinguishing agent used and scope the bedroom to determine what restoration actions need to be taken for the best outcome. While charred sheetrock around a closet may not have the potential for a positive outcome, the items inside that are washable, and the bedding can get cleaned using the professional Esporta Washing System. After only a single wash, the articles get not only cleaned but sanitized, and this is important as soot particles can be a skin irritant for some people. 

The SERVPRO techs use their selection of solutions to lift away the smoke residues and eliminate the odors in the bedroom. Although cleaning and removing charred items reduce odors significantly, odor control applications may also be required. When the techs get done, there will be no reminders of the fire. 

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 has the trained and certified technicians to handle any size and type of smoke and fire damage in your home. The techs can do everything from cleanup to odor control and bring your bedroom to the way it was before disaster struck.  

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How Does Response Speed Influence Water Damage Restoration In Bristol Properties?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

puddle of water sitting on a wood floor of a room Water damage can ruin parts of your property without proper removal. Contact SERVPRO for professional water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Helps Manage All Aspects of Water Damage Repair Including Managing Speed and Other Aspects of the Restoration

Stopping incidents that lead to water damage in Bristol properties from happening is the ideal situation for a property owner. However, that is not always possible, and when an incident happens, you may opt for a speedy response as the next best thing. However, you might have questions on the benefits you get, as well as the shortcomings you might expect, if any.   

How can a fast response lead to more damages?

When performing the water damage restoration, your Bristol property requires fast action and has many advantages. However, some aspects of the remediation may require moderation because speed may do more harm than good. Some steps, such as drying wood, which swells when wet, or general moisture removal by manipulating air movements, might require you to slow down to avoid problems such as:

  • Wooden surfaces cracking
  • Warping of wooden structural supports
  • Condensation collecting on dry surfaces

Cracking or warping in wood happens because of stresses that develop when exposed surfaces dry faster and thus shrink, while the wetter interior surfaces remain the same. Our SERVPRO technicians use unique approaches to sustain faster drying while avoiding the negative aspects. For instance, we can set up drying chambers to help balance the humidity around the wooden materials during drying. We also do calculations to establish the right ratio of air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent condensation of the evaporated moisture.

What are the benefits of speedy restoration?

  • Preventing mold development
  • Halting moisture migration to hidden areas
  • Prevention of bad odor

Since the combined effects of all these aspects determine how bad the water damage turns out, preventing them from developing minimizes the inconveniences faced. 

When not sure of the best approach to fix your water-damaged property, SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can help. You can reach us at (401) 847-8145, any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Can I Protect My Family from Dangerous Contaminants Due to Flood Damage in North Kingston?

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding in the kitchen and livingroom We answer inquiries at (401) 847-8145 day and night, 365 days of the year.

SERVPRO Is Vigilant When Managing Category 3 Water, Using Research-Based Best Practices to Keep You and Your Family Safe from Flood Damage in North Kingstown

The hurricane season features storm activity that batters the entire Eastern Seaboard, including our North Kingston community. High winds, torrential rains, and storm surge all contribute to the chaos and damage flooding inflicts on houses in the area. The chance of exposure to dangerous contaminants carried in by the floodwaters is understandably worrisome to residents. Whatever company you hire to remove the flooding must have a robust and proven response to the cleaning and disinfecting required after it contains and lawfully disposes of the fluids.

What Kind of Contamination Might Be in the Mix of Flooding Fluids in My Home?

When flood damage occurs in North Kingston, a broad range of potentially hazardous substances can mix into the watery mess filling the spaces in your home. Rainwater is by far the most common component which might seem “clean,” but as it falls, it picks up airborne pollutants. On the earth’s surface it continues to gather contaminants as it heads into your home:

    •    Dirt, sand, oils, grease, and paving materials picked up as the rainwater flows over roads, parking lots, and sidewalks
    •    Industrial waste as the flooding rolls over business sites
    •    Landscaping chemicals from your own and neighboring lawns
    •    Overflow from sanitary sewers
    •    Dead animals, insects, and garbage
    •    Storm surge

Do I Need to Worry About My Home’s Waste Backing Up During Flooding?

If the municipal rainwater drainage system is overwhelmed by torrents of precipitation, it stands to reason that the waste draining through your sewer line risks pressure-based backup in the absence of a backflow valve. When the SERVPRO crew arrives, we evaluate all safety considerations, never ignoring the perils posed by the Category 3 water collecting in the lower levels of your home. We immediately check for sewer line contamination. The blood and fecal-borne organisms suspended in the water can cause severe illness and even death if not managed promptly and according to lawful best practices.

Does a Local Company Have the Capacity to Handle Highly-Contaminated Water and the Knowledge to Discharge It Lawfully?

Our technicians and managers are trained and well-prepared through coursework from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to contain and dispose of tainted flood waters appropriately. Do not fear if others in your neighborhood face the same type of crisis as our resources are vast and scalable. Our ties to the community are intrinsic as we live and choose our base of operations here. Still, we also have access to a nationwide network of IICRC-trained and commercial-grade-equipped flood disaster professionals if required.

What Are the Phases of Flood Damage Mitigation and Remediation?

An inspection of the extent of the damage and the nature of the contaminants and other hazards.

Using IICRC training and our managers’ considerable on-the-job experience, we plan out the interventions needed to bring your home back to “Like it never even happened.”


Debris Removal
Using shovels and rakes, workers remove the solids swept into your home. This decreases the chance of clogging our equipment.

Hidden Water and Moisture Detection and Measurement
By employing devices that sense and meter moisture amounts, we locate flood water in building cavities. If needed, we take steps to use limited demolition techniques to release the water -- drilled or sawn holes or flood cuts in walls parallel to the floor and several inches above the flood line.

Water Removal
Submersible pumps positioned in the deepest places of the flooded area evacuate the bulk of the water. Truck-mounted extractors take out the residual standing water, capable of pulling off 36,000 gallons a day per machine. Pumps and truck-mounts operate on gas or generators, capable of extraction even if your electricity is temporarily disconnected. Portable backpack extractors can reach confined areas.

Water Containment and Disposal
Pumps drain into treated sewer lines, and our truck-mounted tanks can hold more than 100 gallons. Management keeps current with local regulations and arranges for the necessary paperwork and lawful disposal.

Cleaning and Disinfection
Our crews clean all affected surfaces with EPA-registered products and apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit the chance of pathogen regrowth.

Structural Drying
Data from the moisture testing plus measurements in unaffected areas in your home help us create drying goals. We then use air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to evaporate, capture, and contain for disposal the trapped moisture.

Hire the experts at SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties with confidence when flood damage creates messy and potentially hazardous conditions in your North Kingstown home. We answer inquiries at (401) 847-8145 day and night, 365 days of the year.

How Can I Get Smoke Damage Off My Walls and Ceilings After a Kitchen Fire?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

smoke filling room; bottom cabinets shown open Kitchen fires are particularly hard to remediate. SERVPRO has the know-hoe to restore your kitchen.

SERVPRO Techs Have Specialized Training in the Removal of all Types of Fire Loss from Your North Kingston Home    

It does not matter if the fire in your kitchen was large or small; either type can leave large amounts of damage to clean up. One of the most frustrating is the layer of soot that gets left behind on surfaces. Post-fire cleanup efforts from a professional restoration services company should begin as rapidly as possible and let them handle the cleanup of walls and ceilings. When soot covers chrome furnishings, it is caustic and can ruin anything it lands on if it remains too long. When incorrect cleaning methods get used, it can:  

  • Drive odorous soot more deeply into surfaces
  • Cause stains 
  • Destroy finishes on furnishings that had restoration potential 

How Does a Dry Cleaning Sponge Work for Fire Damage Cleanup?    

One of the many tools that SERVPRO techs bring to your North Kingston home for fire damage restoration services is dry cleaning sponges. When high heat fires burn organic materials, they leave deposits of light, powdery residues. If liquids get applied, it compounds the issues and drives the residues into the surface and worsens the problem. The techs use the dry cleaning sponges to pick up the soot and lift it away from the surfaces. They turn the sponge with each pass and then dispose of it along with the residues. In this way, painted walls can get restored and not need removal, thus saving the homeowner the cost of replacement and time for rebuilding. In cases where the sheetrock stays in place, but the particulate has gotten driven too deeply into the wall or ceiling, the techs can apply a sealant for a fresh start that only needs priming and painting.  

Fire damage needs fast action to lessen the loss and get your home back to normal as fast as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145, and the certified techs are available 24/7 to handle any fire loss to your home. 

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How Do I Get Rid of Water Damage in My North Kingston Home?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

flood in building “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Has the Equipment and Experience to Safely Remove Water Damage in North Kingston

Water can create all kinds of havoc to your home from structural and electrical damage to drywall, insulation, and flooring materials. The first step in any type of residential situation is always draining or pumping out the standing water as soon as possible. SERVPRO utilizes safe and efficient water extraction equipment for residents in North Kingston.

My Kitchen Was Flooded, Will it Damage My Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring Swells in Water

Whenever you have water damage in your North Kingston home, it is vital to remove the water in a timely fashion. Interior building materials such as laminate flooring will swell rather quickly if saturated in water while other materials like drywall, insulation, and trimwork will also need to be inspected for water damage and are subject to replacement. SERVPRO can handle any type of water damage and restore your home back to its original condition.

What's Involved With the Water Removal Process?

Water removal services are vital to ensure that all living organisms are safely removed from your home and the structural integrity of your house is still intact. Once the water has been extracted, a visual inspection for water damage is conducted. In most cases, materials saturated in water should be removed and replaced in order for your house to dry properly.

Below are the basic steps for the water removal process:
    •    Containment: Contaminated areas from water damage should be sealed off with plastic barriers to protect unaffected areas.
    •    Removal: In most cases, water extraction pumps and extractors are used for water removal, then a variety of applications are utilized to ensure adequate drying and cleaning.
    •    Clean-Up: The cleanup process for water damage may include the removal of flooring materials, drywall, insulation, and other damaged components.
    •    Drying: Once the cleanup process is complete, it's important to use commercial dryers or large fans to completely dry water-damaged areas.

If you're a homeowner in Rhode Island who has water damage in your residential home, it's important to act fast in order to protect the structural integrity of your home and prevent future damages. For immediate action and guaranteed results from start to finish, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 anytime, 24-hours a day.

Can Flooring Impacted by a Severe Water Leak be Saved?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged room; flooring stripped to subfloor; baseboards removed Water damages flooring materials. SERVPRO knows how to make it, "Like it never even happened."

It is Possible to Save Flooring in Your North Kingston Home That Has Been Affected by Big Water Leaks

Whenever a pipe in your North Kingston home ruptures, your floors are often suddenly covered in inches or even feet of water, and water can quickly inundate your carpeting, wooden floors, tilework, and subfloors. Experts estimate that this catastrophic issue could result in more than 160 gallons of water per hour leaking into your residence. In a matter of hours, this could rapidly produce thousands of gallons of standing water in your home. Luckily, trained professionals can quickly remediate clean water damage if you call them soon enough. Water cleanup services like SERVPRO can help and save most kinds of floors.             

How Does Water Damage My Carpets, Wooden and Hard Floors, and Subfloors?

SERVPRO, a North Kingston water cleanup company, has encountered various types of water damage affecting flooring. Our experience with water damage has ranged from relatively minor in effect to quite severe. Of course, each flooring material handles water exposure differently, and some react to it better than others. Some of the forms of water-related damage that affect carpeting are:

  • Bubbling from water washing away the adhesive that binds it to the subfloor
  • Delamination, or when the primary and secondary backing layers of carpeting separate
  • Latex deterioration that leads to the loss of carpet fibers and reduces carpeting’s overall integrity

Although these effects can force you to replace this floor covering, you can usually avoid experiencing them if you address your standing water issue quickly.

Water’s impact on wooden flooring often depends on the construction, but the damage is usually more severe and costly. Moreover, it does not take long for these effects to result. A few examples of wood floor impairments due to water exposure are:

  • Water stains or discoloration
  • Swelling and warping, or deformation, of the wood
  • Buckling that tents, or forces upward, floor sections at joints where they meet and at the walls
  • Delamination of particleboard or oriented strand board (OSB) layers
  • Dry rot resulting from fungal growths

If water ever covers your wood flooring, remember that the faster cleaning occurs, the less damage it usually does. The longer the liquid remains on floors, the more their wooden surfaces absorb. The water causes the wood segments of your flooring to change shape and eventually buckle against each other—also, ground coverings comprising weaker wood products like particleboard and OSB. Glued-together layers, which are more likely to delaminate, the more prolonged exposure to water occurs, compose these boards.

Hard flooring, like concrete, asphalt or vinyl tiles, and ceramic tiles, is much more resilient to water damage in North Kingston than carpet or wood floors. Often, it is also much simpler and less expensive to remediate. With that said, however, these ground coverings are harmed by water in the following ways:

  • Blistering or flaking of painted concrete surfaces
  • Mineral deposits from evaporated water in concrete
  • Mold growth fostered by dirty, wet surfaces
  • Separation of vinyl and ceramic tiles from the floor
  • Warping and expansion of subflooring

Concrete and asphalt tile floors are least at risk of substantial water damage. Concrete floors mostly suffer minor surface cosmetic issues like paint flaking and calcium deposits. Often, water can only remove the finish from asphalt tiles. Since the adhesive of vinyl tiles dissolves relatively quickly, the tiles themselves are prone to separating from flooring if submerged for a sufficient period. Water can penetrate the grouting between ceramic tiles, causing the subflooring to swell and warp and break away from the floor.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Save Your Flooring? 

When dealing with water-damaged flooring, SERVPRO employs various advanced tools and methods. Once our technicians extract all standing water with truck-mounted/portable extractors or wet vacs, they get to work on remediating your floors. Some of the tools and techniques they use to do the latter are:

  • Wands using hot water extraction and shampoo to clean and extract excess water from glued-down carpets
  • Heavier extraction devices to squeeze excess water out of thicker carpeting and padding
  • Moisture meters that identify and measure moisture levels in affected flooring and subflooring
  • Injectidry panel drying systems that dry out subflooring
  • Sanders to sand out cupping and other forms of warping in wood surfaces
  • Brushes and HEPA vacuuming to clean concrete surfaces

Often, if contacted soon enough, these measures enable our workers to save most types of flooring. SERVPRO is usually able to successfully clean, restore, and reinstall most water-impacted ground coverings. Whatever we are unable to repair, we have experience in replacing.

So, if you ever experience a water leak, remember that help is available. Call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 for assistance.

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use to Remove Bathroom Water Damage In My North Kingstown Home?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

A toilet with water droplets hanging off the side of the toilet.  A toilet overflow can cause so many issues, call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Provide Effective Water Removal for North Kingstown Homes

North Kingstown homeowners might think they have avoided disaster after removing water from a toilet overflow or pipe leak. Still, surface damage may serve as an indication of what hides beneath flooring or behind walls. These damages can create a thriving environment for mold and more costly repairs down the line.

If your North Kingstown home requires water removal after a toilet overflow or similar disaster, certified SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to mitigate the damage while saving you time and money.

What Qualifies SERVPRO Technicians for Water Removal?

SERVPRO tools and techniques take a systematic and scientific approach to water damage mitigation.

  • Moisture measurement tools like sensors, meters, and infrared imaging are used to evaluate surfaces before, during, and after drying to ensure that items return to appropriate moisture levels.
  • Extraction tools like wands and sump pumps are as much as 500 times more effective at eliminating water than drying alone.
  • Drying equipment consists of centrifugal air movers that work in tandem with industrial-grade dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from surfaces after extraction.
  • EPA-registered antimicrobials are effective for both sanitation and odor control.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Restore a Water-Damaged Bathroom?

In a clean water situation, SERVPRO technicians can work quickly to extract water from your bathroom floor, baseboards, drywall, and nearby carpeting. Techs can also evaluate wall studs and subfloors for signs of saturation with infrared cameras.

If there is water damage in your walls, the baseboards may need to be removed for more effective drying of wall cavities. Insulation on exterior walls can be sucked up with a specialized vacuum and dried separately.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is ready to leave your home looking, “Like it never even happened,” when you call (401) 847-8145.