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Can Flooring Impacted by a Severe Water Leak be Saved?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged room; flooring stripped to subfloor; baseboards removed Water damages flooring materials. SERVPRO knows how to make it, "Like it never even happened."

It is Possible to Save Flooring in Your North Kingston Home That Has Been Affected by Big Water Leaks

Whenever a pipe in your North Kingston home ruptures, your floors are often suddenly covered in inches or even feet of water, and water can quickly inundate your carpeting, wooden floors, tilework, and subfloors. Experts estimate that this catastrophic issue could result in more than 160 gallons of water per hour leaking into your residence. In a matter of hours, this could rapidly produce thousands of gallons of standing water in your home. Luckily, trained professionals can quickly remediate clean water damage if you call them soon enough. Water cleanup services like SERVPRO can help and save most kinds of floors.             

How Does Water Damage My Carpets, Wooden and Hard Floors, and Subfloors?

SERVPRO, a North Kingston water cleanup company, has encountered various types of water damage affecting flooring. Our experience with water damage has ranged from relatively minor in effect to quite severe. Of course, each flooring material handles water exposure differently, and some react to it better than others. Some of the forms of water-related damage that affect carpeting are:

  • Bubbling from water washing away the adhesive that binds it to the subfloor
  • Delamination, or when the primary and secondary backing layers of carpeting separate
  • Latex deterioration that leads to the loss of carpet fibers and reduces carpeting’s overall integrity

Although these effects can force you to replace this floor covering, you can usually avoid experiencing them if you address your standing water issue quickly.

Water’s impact on wooden flooring often depends on the construction, but the damage is usually more severe and costly. Moreover, it does not take long for these effects to result. A few examples of wood floor impairments due to water exposure are:

  • Water stains or discoloration
  • Swelling and warping, or deformation, of the wood
  • Buckling that tents, or forces upward, floor sections at joints where they meet and at the walls
  • Delamination of particleboard or oriented strand board (OSB) layers
  • Dry rot resulting from fungal growths

If water ever covers your wood flooring, remember that the faster cleaning occurs, the less damage it usually does. The longer the liquid remains on floors, the more their wooden surfaces absorb. The water causes the wood segments of your flooring to change shape and eventually buckle against each other—also, ground coverings comprising weaker wood products like particleboard and OSB. Glued-together layers, which are more likely to delaminate, the more prolonged exposure to water occurs, compose these boards.

Hard flooring, like concrete, asphalt or vinyl tiles, and ceramic tiles, is much more resilient to water damage in North Kingston than carpet or wood floors. Often, it is also much simpler and less expensive to remediate. With that said, however, these ground coverings are harmed by water in the following ways:

  • Blistering or flaking of painted concrete surfaces
  • Mineral deposits from evaporated water in concrete
  • Mold growth fostered by dirty, wet surfaces
  • Separation of vinyl and ceramic tiles from the floor
  • Warping and expansion of subflooring

Concrete and asphalt tile floors are least at risk of substantial water damage. Concrete floors mostly suffer minor surface cosmetic issues like paint flaking and calcium deposits. Often, water can only remove the finish from asphalt tiles. Since the adhesive of vinyl tiles dissolves relatively quickly, the tiles themselves are prone to separating from flooring if submerged for a sufficient period. Water can penetrate the grouting between ceramic tiles, causing the subflooring to swell and warp and break away from the floor.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Save Your Flooring? 

When dealing with water-damaged flooring, SERVPRO employs various advanced tools and methods. Once our technicians extract all standing water with truck-mounted/portable extractors or wet vacs, they get to work on remediating your floors. Some of the tools and techniques they use to do the latter are:

  • Wands using hot water extraction and shampoo to clean and extract excess water from glued-down carpets
  • Heavier extraction devices to squeeze excess water out of thicker carpeting and padding
  • Moisture meters that identify and measure moisture levels in affected flooring and subflooring
  • Injectidry panel drying systems that dry out subflooring
  • Sanders to sand out cupping and other forms of warping in wood surfaces
  • Brushes and HEPA vacuuming to clean concrete surfaces

Often, if contacted soon enough, these measures enable our workers to save most types of flooring. SERVPRO is usually able to successfully clean, restore, and reinstall most water-impacted ground coverings. Whatever we are unable to repair, we have experience in replacing.

So, if you ever experience a water leak, remember that help is available. Call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 for assistance.

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use to Remove Bathroom Water Damage In My North Kingstown Home?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

A toilet with water droplets hanging off the side of the toilet.  A toilet overflow can cause so many issues, call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Provide Effective Water Removal for North Kingstown Homes

North Kingstown homeowners might think they have avoided disaster after removing water from a toilet overflow or pipe leak. Still, surface damage may serve as an indication of what hides beneath flooring or behind walls. These damages can create a thriving environment for mold and more costly repairs down the line.

If your North Kingstown home requires water removal after a toilet overflow or similar disaster, certified SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to mitigate the damage while saving you time and money.

What Qualifies SERVPRO Technicians for Water Removal?

SERVPRO tools and techniques take a systematic and scientific approach to water damage mitigation.

  • Moisture measurement tools like sensors, meters, and infrared imaging are used to evaluate surfaces before, during, and after drying to ensure that items return to appropriate moisture levels.
  • Extraction tools like wands and sump pumps are as much as 500 times more effective at eliminating water than drying alone.
  • Drying equipment consists of centrifugal air movers that work in tandem with industrial-grade dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from surfaces after extraction.
  • EPA-registered antimicrobials are effective for both sanitation and odor control.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Restore a Water-Damaged Bathroom?

In a clean water situation, SERVPRO technicians can work quickly to extract water from your bathroom floor, baseboards, drywall, and nearby carpeting. Techs can also evaluate wall studs and subfloors for signs of saturation with infrared cameras.

If there is water damage in your walls, the baseboards may need to be removed for more effective drying of wall cavities. Insulation on exterior walls can be sucked up with a specialized vacuum and dried separately.

SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is ready to leave your home looking, “Like it never even happened,” when you call (401) 847-8145.

My Walls are Wet After a Flood in North Kingston, What Do I Do?

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145.

SERVPRO Uses Specialized Techniques to Restore Your Walls in North Kingston

Our technicians understand how enduring a flood in your North Kingston home can be a traumatic experience. Having your walls or ceiling absorb water may be shocking, but with professional assistance, restoration is possible. Depending on how the floodwater damages your home, our technicians perform procedures such as flood cuts to mitigate further damages.

Does SERVPRO Rip Out the Entire Wall? No, Our Technicians Perform Flood Cuts

When flood damage impacts the walls in your North Kingston home, our technicians remove the bottom portion, extending several inches above the actual damage to ensure moisture does not spread. Ideally, cuts are at the 24 or 48 inches, so drywall panels are easily replaced. Technicians remove the drywall and insulation behind it. As part of the complete drying and restoration process, technicians replace the drywall panels after completing the work.

What are the Benefits of Performing Flood Cuts?

    •    Removing impacted drywall stops the spread of any bacteria found in category three (black) floodwaters.
    •    Allows technicians to remove damaged materials, including drywall and insulation.
    •    Flood cuts give restoration specialists access to the area behind the wall.
    •    It provides access to dry inside the wall cavities with high-velocity air movers.

What Would Happen to My Walls if We Did Not Perform Flood Cuts?

    •    Long-term exposure to moisture can cause wearing of building materials impacting the structural integrity.
    •    The moisture could spread throughout the wall, which could foster mold growth.
    •    Unpleasant odors may develop if moisture in and behind the walls is not removed.

Flood cuts may seem like an extreme measure. However, they may save a good portion of your wall if performed quickly enough. In addition to flood cuts, technicians address other areas of your home impacted by the floodwater.

For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Barstool Sports & SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

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How Do Thermal Foggers Help Smoke-Damaged North Kingston Homes?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

fire and smoke filled home. SERVPRO can handle all the fire and smoke damage done to your North Kingston home. Don't hesitate to call for the help you deserve.

We use many deodorizing tools like thermal foggers to neutralize foul scents after fire losses. 

There are many deodorizing tools that we can use to help control the severe loss effects of a fire in North Kingston homes. After structure fires, smoke odors can move quickly throughout the residence, requiring a deliberate response and deployment of efficient tools to neutralize this threat before odors become overwhelming.

With so many levels of fire damage in North Kingston properties, decisions must get continuously made regarding the best equipment and products for restoration and recovery. 

Why Choose Thermal Foggers Over Other Deodorizing Tools? 

While there are many deodorizers in our arsenal, including ozone and hydroxyl generators, there are many instances where thermal and ULV foggers are wiser decisions. While both of the generators can affect a larger damaged area, and technologies like these get used in the SERVPRO warehouse for off-site recovery, foggers win out because they: 

  • Are lightweight and mobile
  • Are fast-acting
  • Produce vapor to penetrate porous materials

Fire losses can be devastating for area houses, especially when symptoms like lingering odors do not get addressed quickly. Give our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties team a call to help however you need at(401) 847-8145. 

What Is The Best Method to Remove Water From My Home?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

standing water in home Call SERVPRO to mitigate your water restoration services in North Kingston.

Bring in SERVPRO for Professional Restoration in Your North Kingston Residence

Water intrusions like cracked pipes or failed appliances are far more common in North Kingston homes than flooding from a storm. Our restoration teams train extensively to return each one to its original, pre-water spill condition.

How Quickly Can SERVPRO Get This Done?

Removal is the first step when it comes to North Kingston water restoration. SERVPRO technicians have a large inventory of pumps and extractors to pull water out of carpets and wood flooring to restore them to full usefulness in about a week normally.

With the Water Gone, how do your Teams Restore the Rest of My Property?

The key now, is drying both the structure and the property inside your home. To do it quickly and without causing further damage, technicians use three devices: air movers, dehumidifiers, and fans.

  • Air movers use a warm, dry flow of air to push moisture out of property like drywall and wood furniture and into the air.
  • Dehumidifiers draw moisture from the air and more from nearby property items.
  • Fans pull the already damp air out of the home and push it outside, which allows the air movers and dehumidifiers to work more efficiently.

For more information about restoring your home here or in Newport, call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145.

Does Water Damage Disappear Naturally From my North Kingston Home?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

water causing damage An untreated water issue can lead to high restoration costs in the future, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties.

Unchecked Water Issues in the North Kingston Home are More Likely to Get Worse than Better

What prevents water from evaporating naturally in a home environment?

Without the conditions for evaporation, existing water damage in your North Kingston home can stagnate, damage material construction, and cause unpleasant odors. In some cases, water may be leaking faster than it is evaporating. In extreme situations, this can lead to flooding, but for many homeowners, it results in persistent minor water issues that can be difficult to diagnose.

What are the tell-tale signs of a water issue in my home?

    •    Unpleasant odors in some areas of the house.
    •    Discoloration of paintwork which is generally at the lower and upper joints
    •    Visible signs of moisture, damp spots or condensation on walls during warmer weather
    •    Bubbling effects on ceilings below wet rooms or warping floors beneath your feet
    •    High humidity levels that are inconsistent with other rooms in the property

What should I do if I suspect water leaks in my property?

If you notice any symptoms that could be the result of a water issue, it is vital that you intervene quickly to prevent long-term harm. Our technicians can trace the symptoms of water problems back to its source using our knowledge of water migration as well as professional equipment like moisture sensors, meters, and probes. By tracing water back to the source, we can address the cause before implementing an effective drying procedure.

How to dry out enclosed spaces in the home?

In cavities of the home, evaporated moisture has nowhere to go, which can result in condensation on outer walls leading to damp spots. Our technicians can set up a closed-drying system to create artificial ventilation and warmth to dry the area. For cavities, we can access the wall using injectidry nozzles to circulate warm, dry air into wall cavities without needing to remove building materials.

An untreated water issue can lead to high restoration costs in the future, contact SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties at (401) 847-8145 to stop them at the source.

For more about North Kingston click here.

What Extractors Work Best in Newport Warehouses?

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

in the middle of remodel Having water issues in your Newport business? Call SERVPRO to mitigate your problem.

We have reliable units and pumps that can work continually to remove several feet of standing water after substantial loss incidents. 

Warehouse water losses can be a considerable challenge for restoration teams primarily because of the large open floor layouts in these Newport commercial properties. When water losses are severe enough, the warehouse floor can contend with several inches or even feet of standing water. 

It is critical that water removal in Newport warehouses begins immediately, and that our team or competent individuals stop the flow of new water into the affected areas of the facility. The longer that you wait for extraction, drying, and recovery efforts, the more damage that can happen to the stored inventory and stock in the building. 

What Happens to Stored Items? 

Though you might have many of the items in your warehouse up on pallets, it rarely takes long to reach the 6 inches of clearance to damage stored stock with a severe loss. Content management can come in three potential ways:

  • On-site relocation
  • On-site drying and surface cleaning
  • Off-site restoration and recovery 

Our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties can help to remove water quickly and protect your inventory. Give us a call anytime at (401) 847-8145.

Is Mold Dangerous in My North Kingston Apartment?

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

the beginnings of molding Are you having mold problems from the water damage in your apartment? Call SERVPRO of North Kingston to mitigate your problem

Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training and advanced equipment to reduce the hazards and presence of mold in your residence. 

Because many of the apartments in the North Kingston area are much smaller than a single-family home, there are challenges to removing growing and spreading organisms like mold. Careful considerations must occur, such as containment barriers and equipment. 

With these challenges of addressing mold damage in North Kingston apartments like yours, our remediators must consider the pace that mold can spread. We treat surfaces and contents to make them uninhabitable to migrating organisms with antimicrobial products. 

How Can Mold Colonies Get Removed? 

Removing mold colonies entirely is one of the objectives of successful remediation work. This removal helps to protect hosting materials when possible, but it can also thwart the spread of the mold organism, which protects other materials and contents in the path of the spreading colonies. Some remediation strategies include:

  • Wipe cleaning with antimicrobial products
  • Sanding
  • Soda blasting
  • Controlled demolition
  • HEPA filtered  with air scrubbers

Mold can be a threatening development in your apartment’s structure and contents as well as causing health effects. So our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties team works quickly to resolve this situation when you discover it. Give us a call today at (401) 847-8145.

How Do I Get Rid of Mold in My North Kingston Gym?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

the beginnings of molding Having mold issues in your North Kingston business? Call SERVPRO for their professional help.

Our SERVPRO team can help with immediate remediation solutions and long-term preventative steps to avoid mold recurrences. 

Mold is widely misunderstood and underappreciated for its potential health effects and structural deterioration in North Kingston gyms. Moisture content is a nearly constant struggle in this facility of yours, which can make it a challenge to avoid mold altogether. 

Addressing mold damage in your North Kingston gym should happen immediately. Microbial threats can spread quickly throughout the facility and can cause possible health effects to the patrons of your gym or your staff. Removing mold colonies involves several strategies ranging from abrasive cleaning with media blasting or sanding to discarding damaged materials and reinstalling them. 

What Can I Do to Stop Mold Happening Again? 

One of the objectives of any business owner affording remediation is avoiding the circumstance a second time. There are several objectives to achieving this result for your gym, and some of the focal points include: 

  • Reducing moisture content
  • Promoting airflow 
  • Utilizing air scrubbers 

Microbial threats can be damaging to the structural integrity of hosting materials. Our SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties team can help with efficient remediation strategies. Give us a call anytime at (401) 847-8145.