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Disaster Response Team Available 24/7 Serving Rhode Island

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO employee is working at their desk. SERVPRO's professional disaster restoration team is available 24/7 to help you in the event emergency. Call us now.

SERVPRO is the name to trust in the USA when a commercial or residential property is damaged by an unforeseeable circumstance like water damage, fire, or storm damage. Insurance agents recommend us because we work hard to restore your home or business as quickly as possible after a disaster.

We are always available to help you in times of need and will work hard to ensure your project is completed efficiently and with transparency.

After a disaster a project manager will be on site within minutes of your call if a disaster occurs. The project manager will inspect the damage and give your insurance agent an estimate for restoration services. The project manager will coordinate with your agent and you to ensure that all damages are documented and that costs are clear. Then, we will assign our team to your property in order to set up all the equipment and determine the best way forward. Sometimes we might use multiple shifts in order to complete the job efficiently.

No Matter How Large Your Disaster We Can Help

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

A caution sign on the floor near a water leak. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol provides commercial restoration services to businesses throughout Rhode Island, Call Us Now.

SERVPRO of Newport and Bristol is part of a larger network of SERVPRO franchises available to help in a moments notice. We take pride in our ability to quickly scale up our operations in the event that a major disaster requires our attention. This is especially true when we manage disaster restoration projects for commercial properties.

In these types of events we are generally working in a larger building that may contain a range of items. We service all industries from retail to industrial manufacturing. We are able to provide cost effective solutions and to work directly with insurance companies to ensure your commercial operation is back up and running quickly.

In many instances we may work in multiple shifts throughout the day and night because we understand the importance of cutting back your downtime and getting your team back up to 100% operational. If your commercial property or multi-family residential property is in need of repair we will be there to help 24/7, call us now!

Fire Damage Restoration You Can Trust

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

A residential property has been damaged after a fire. SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is here to help in the event of a fire. Call us 24/7 for fire damage repair, soot and smoke odor removal.

SERVPRO of Newport and Bristol Counties is available 24/7 to begin cleaning, restoring and repairing after a fire damage. During the winter months fires from chimneys and heating systems are not uncommon and when these events happen, big and small, you can rest assured our team will offer you the best opportunity to properly repair the damage. We can say this because of our years of experience serving Newport Rhode Island, Jamestown, Middletown, Barrington, and other townships across Newport and Bristol Counties Rhode Island. We work closely with local insurance agents and emergency personnel so we can properly asses the damage and provide your insurance company with a full overview of the work that must be completed to restore your home or commercial property back to its previous state. We are also available for smaller, yet just as disruptive, projects like soot, smoke and odor removal. Many times during the winter months, events like 'puff backs' can cause soot to cover a home and the cleaning process can be difficult without the proper equipment. Our technicians are trained for this specific type of cleaning and can save you hours of effort when removing soot from your property.

If you experience Fire or Soot/Smoke damage in the Rhode Island area call us immediately. We will respond quickly and being recovery efforts right away.

Storm Damage Repair Newport RI - Providence RI

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Roof Damage After A Storm SERVPRO Storm Damage Repair Team Is Available When Disaster Strikes. Call Us 24/7.

Storm damage can result in serious and expensive property damage. Restoration companies can be hired to clean up waterlogged floors, repair roof damage, and replace windows that have been damaged but make sure the storm damage repair company you hire is well-respected in your local area.

SERVPRO's Construction team is available to help you with your single-family home, multi-family property, or commercial property. Our team is skilled in storm damage restoration. We have worked with several insurance companies to fix homes and buildings. Our team of highly-trained technicians is ready to handle any storm-damaged property. We will also work with your insurance company to ensure that you get the best coverage. You may be able to stay in a hotel or with your friends if you are unable to leave the property due to immediate dangers.

Your home can be damaged by flooding and storms. Some types of storm damage are not dangerous, but others can cause serious harm to your home. Flooding on the main floor could pose a threat to your family's safety. After a storm, the first thing to do is to protect yourself and your home. Residential storm damage restoration services can restore your home to pre-storm conditions. Also, you should contact your insurance company to request a temporary solution.

Commercial Construction Companies In Rhode Island

11/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Construction Services Near Me SERVPRO Commercial Construction Services Are Available In Rhode Island & Massachusetts

While residential construction is usually less expensive, commercial construction requires more time and money. These projects are also bigger, and the size of the building is larger than for a residential project. The right contractor can help you design a commercial space that will meet your needs and budget. Once you have a plan, you can start the construction process and start estimating the cost. The following tips will help you get the most out of your commercial construction project.

Make sure the contractor and client are on the same page with their expectations. Even though commercial construction may be a relatively straightforward process, some clients will require design changes and approval before moving forward. The first step is to create a design, which includes 3D models and renderings. Before proceeding with the actual project, it is important that the client approves the design. In commercial construction, a client should be consulted to ensure that the project will be completed to their satisfaction.

Many business owners are aware of the importance of industry and its contribution to the economy. However, a building loses its freshness and flair as it ages. Some business owners may opt to remodel an existing building or add another structure. These projects are more complex and time-consuming than a small-scale one, but SERVPRO understands the importance of getting it right. A contractor should be able to handle all aspects of the construction process.

Fire Damage Restoration Rhode Island

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Companies Near Me SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties Provides Residential & Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

It is not easy to lose your property due to smoke damage or fire. However, we can help you if you have a commercial property or home that has been damaged by fire. We are available 24 hours a day to offer emergency cleaning services following a fire. Our experienced team of technicians and project managers is on hand. We serve all of Newport, Bristol, and the surrounding areas. Franchise locations are available in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. We can also manage multiple properties if necessary.

All services required following a fire or smoke damage to property include:

  • Soot/Ash Removal

  • Fire Damage Repair

  • Construction/Repair Services

  • Odor Removal

  • Airduct Cleaning

  • Packout & Storage Services

Our team has extensive experience in large-scale commercial fire restoration. Your project manager will organize the job site to make it safe and open if possible. We will clean, pack-up and store any items that were damaged by the fire. We offer construction services to replace property damaged beyond repair.

Commercial Property Restoration & Construction Services Newport to Providence

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoration Companies Rhode Island SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties Provides Restoration, Construction and Clean-Up Services to Businesses Throughout Rhode Island

Most of Rhode Island’s coastline lies in Newport & Bristol Counties dotted with beautiful homes and profitable businesses. Many such coastline businesses slow down or even close when the winter weather begins to settle in, and, as the state's population decreases, many homes are left to be managed by area property managers until the warm weather returns. SERVPRO of Newport and Bristol Counties is available to assist Property Managers and Business owners throughout the cold winter. 

Our team offers many preventative services such as window and door board up services and roof tarping for business and homes that may be seasonally closed. We also offer a more comprehensive solution (Emergency Ready Plan) for commercial properties that may still be open throughout the winter.

An Emergency Ready Plan (or ERP) allows a project manager to predetermine the best course of action should a disaster such as water or fire damage occur on the property. In doing so the Project manager will assess the property and identify vulnerabilities, location of important utility shut offs and other important information that will make it easier to service the property at a moment's notice.

An ERP is free, so call our office today and we will have a Project Manager meet you to provide an assessment.

Storm Restoration Services in Newport Rhode Island

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Restoration Near Me SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is the areas #1 Storm Damage Restoration Team

Newport, Middletown, and Jamestown are some of Rhode Island’s best known and most populous islands. These islands are connected by beautiful bridges that span across the Narragansett bay and are home to some of Rhode Island’s most picturesque landscapes and homes. But, as with most oceanfront communities, these islands are susceptible from flooding storm surge and heavy rains.

Tropical Storm Ida provided us a reminder of how powerful storms can inundate islands like Newport Rhode Island and Jamestown Rhode Island causing flooding and damage to homes and businesses. The slow moving tropical storm dropped several inches of rain in a short time, in some places up to 8” of rain fell in less than 12 hours. Thousands of homes and businesses across the eastern seaboard were affected by the storm and experienced some form of storm flooding. 

Our response team was available throughout Tropical Storm Ida and began restoration processes as soon as it was safe to do so. We are one of New England and New York’s most experienced storm restoration team. We have worked to help restore homes and commercial properties in Rhode Island and New York after superstorm Sandy. We provided support and restoration services in Houston after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 as well as in Florida after hurricanes Irma and Michael.

Commercial Storm Restoration is where we set ourselves apart from the competition. We help your business recover quickly, and keep you operational, and work in multiple shifts to complete your restoration quickly and efficiently. We are especially helpful for business owners that are already aware of vulnerabilities in their properties. In these scenarios a Project Manager will develop an Emergency Restoration Protocol for your properties in the event of a storm. This allows us to quickly determine the best course of action and preparations needed when the weather forecast is unfavorable. Call our office today for more information.

Commercial Restoration From Newport, RI to Brockton, MA

10/23/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoration Companies Near Me SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties is your number one commercial restoration team, call us 24/7.

Playing a crucial role in a commercial restoration event is where our team stands apart from the competition. We have the ability to respond to any size commercial disaster event such as a water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, or storm damage quickly and efficiently. This prevents further loss and gets your commercial property back up and running. The key to our success is the our team culture.

Our owners and franchise general managers create a positive and winning atmosphere. We teach each of our employees to take pride in their jobs and to understand the importance of professionalism at every level within our organization.

Our project managers understand how to prioritise responsibilities in order to mitigate property damage in any disaster event. Project managers leverage their training against years of experience to quickly assess and respond when presented with a disaster on a commercial property of any proportion.

Our technicians are trained to understand the processes that have made SERVPRO the #1 choice for disaster restoration. They work around the clock responding to restoration calls, monitoring multiple job sites, and working with team members to ensure each job site is safe and moving along quickly towards a full restoration. 

We also rely on our equipment and technology to ensure the best possible results. We use a multitude of tools to properly respond to a commercial restoration project. Understanding the latest in drying technology, dehumidification equipment, soot and odor removal equipment allows us to stay at the forefront of our field.

SERVPRO techs have specialized training in the removal of fire loss from your home

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaging a residential home No matter how large or small the fire in your kitchen, it can cause significant damage that is difficult to clean up. The layer of soot left

No matter how large or small the fire in your kitchen, it can cause significant damage that is difficult to clean up. The layer of soot left on surfaces is one of the most frustrating aspects. Professional restoration companies should be able to quickly clean up after a fire and then they can handle cleaning up walls and ceilings. If soot is left on chrome furniture, it can cause irreparable damage to the rest of the furnishings. 

It can also be dangerous if improper cleaning techniques are used. It can: 

  • Inject odorous soot deeper into surfaces
  • Cause stains
  • Furniture with restoration potential should be destroyed.

What is the best dry cleaning sponge for fire damage clean-up?

SERVPRO techs can bring dry cleaning sponges to your home in order to restore fire damage. High heat fires can cause light and powdery residues to organic materials. Liquids can exacerbate the problem by causing the residues to stick to the surfaces and making it more difficult to remove. 

Techs use dry cleaning sponges to remove the soot from surfaces. The techs turn the sponge each time and dispose of any residues. This allows painted walls to be restored without the need for removal. It also saves homeowners the time and money of replacing them. The techs can use a sealant to give a new start to walls and ceilings that have particulate embedded too deep.

You must act quickly to minimize the damage and restore your home to its original condition as soon as possible. 

Call SERVPRO of Newport & Bristol Counties today at (401) 847-8145 to speak with a certified technician who will respond to any fire damage to your home.